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Founded 472 years ago, this fishermen and traders’ village has managed to preserve both its beauty and traditions.

Located in the south of the Baja California peninsula, the city of La Paz was so named by explorer Sebastián Vizcaíno, who was struck by its peaceful cove, the calm waters of the Sea of Cortez and the hospitality of its indigenous people. This cultural heritage has made La Paz a magnet for visitors in search of a safe haven.

Renowned for the hospitality of its people, La Paz has everything to satisfy visitors. Spectacular beaches, golf courses (in the near future), marinas and diving centers are just some of the choices available in this beautiful city. La Paz also boasts an excellent infrastructure, as well as all the services of a modern city. It has extraordinary hotels, schools, movie theaters, malls and much more.

With a privileged climate, you can enjoy La Paz year round since the average temperature during 8 months of the year is 25° C (77° F). The hot summers let you enjoy the beaches and water sports, while the mild winters are ideal for long evening strolls under a spectacular starry sky.

Since La Paz is located on the coast, one of its signature landmarks is the malecon, a beautiful seaside walkway that is an active witness of life in La Paz. At sunrise, the locals regard this promenade as the ideal spot for walking or working out by the ocean. Come nightfall, the malecon provides an ideal setting for admiring the spectacular sunsets.

La Paz is an authentic Mexican city, brimming with culture and traditions. The city has its own superb cuisine, famous for dishes such as aguachile (shrimp cocktail), ceviche (fish cocktail) and delicious marlin tacos. La Paz also offers a wide range of restaurants serving international fare. The cafés and bars on the malecon give La Paz a subtle cosmopolitan touch, and are ideal for shooting the breeze or enjoying the night life.

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